2282 - Marder III version M (Cobi)
2282 - Marder III version M (Cobi)
2282 - Marder III version M (Cobi)
2282 - Marder III version M (Cobi)


2282 - Marder III version M (Cobi)

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2282 - Marder III version M (Cobi)

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Marder III Ausf. M

The Marder III tank destroyer fought on many fronts during World War II. Until the introduction of the 88mm guns, it was a very dangerous anti-tank weapon. Draft of the Sd.Kfz. 138 Marder III Ausf. M was based on the chassis of the Panzer 38(t) Ausf. M with the engine located in the middle of the vehicle. Armament was a German 75mm gun with a supply of 27 rounds. The vehicle did not have a permanently installed machine gun. The MG 34 or MG 42 rifle was carried in the crew compartment as optional personal armament. Like other Marder variants, the "M" version had no plate covering the crew compartment from above. Instead, the rear part of the crew compartment was closed.
The full name of the vehicle was Sd.Kfz.138, Panzerjäger 38(t) with 7.5 cm PaK40/3 Ausf. M
MARDER III Ausf. M was developed to match the 1:35 scale figures and consists of 367 elements. The use of the latest elements from the COBI range allowed a faithful reproduction of the characteristic shapes of the original vehicle. Model features include: working track traction, spinning wheels, space for a character in the combat compartment, a movable cannon and a rail-mounted machine gun. All graphic elements are high quality prints.

-367 high quality items
-Made in the EU by a company with over 35 years of tradition
-Meet safety standards for children's products
-Fully compatible with other brands of clamp building blocks

-only permanent prints were used without the use of stickers
-clear and intuitive instructions based on drawings and symbols
-an additional block with the name of the model
-Figure - Commander of a Tank Destroyer